15 Best Platforms to Sell Online in Nigeria in 2021

15 Best Platforms to Sell Online in Nigeria in 2021

Are you looking for how to sell online in Nigeria online without leaving your house? There are lot of online platforms that allows you to sell your products online with ease.

If you have products you want to sell online, you don’t have to wait for days or even weeks to get started as there are many amazing platforms you can utilized to sell your products without paying any money or with little fee.

If you wish to sell your tangible or digital goods, or practically any goods online there are definitely online platform you can use to sell your products online.

Even if you don’t have an item to sell, you can learn how to start mini importation business in Nigeria and start selling online and offline.

In this guide, we show you 14 best platforms to sell online in Nigeria even if you need to expand or shift your selling focus to the internet.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Sell on Flutterwave Store

Flutterwave Store is a simple and easy-to-use online store developed by Flutterwave (an online payment gateway company) to bring businesses that are offline to have an online presence to sell their goods and services.

Flutterwave store was built to help businesses running offline to manage an e-commerce business that accepts payments from anywhere in the world without creating a website, knowing how to code during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Flutterwave also integrated delivery partners to pick up and deliver your products to customers when you have an order if you wish.

How to start selling on Flutterwave Store

  • Create your Flutterwave account.
  • Go to Store on your dashboard and create a store. You’re all set up!
  • Share the news with everyone and start sending your store link to potential customers. Add it to your social media channels, and start selling immediately.

How much does it cost to sell on Flutterwave Store?

Flutterwave store is completely free to use by any business or individual. You only pay 1.5% of the transaction as the payment gateway service if your customer pays online by credit cards.

You can also accept payment from customers directly into your bank account to avoid the fee.

2. Sell on Jumia Nigeria

Jumia is the biggest online store in Africa with thousands of products available for consumers to buy online. It is an online marketplace that allows small businesses to sell their products to consumers online with ease.

You can sell virtually all your kinds of products on Jumia such as toys, baby products, electronics, furniture, groceries, home appliances, mobile phones, groceries, and others.

Jumia is very popular in Nigeria has it was rated by Amazon’s Alexa as the most visited e-commerce website in Nigeria even in Africa.

How to Start selling on Jumia

  •  You have to register as a vendor on Jumia by filling the vendor registration form.
  • Complete the dedicated training session for new sellers and become an e-commerce expert in minutes.
  • List more than five Products and start selling. Simple!

How much does it cost to sell on Jumia?

Seller registration on Jumia is free for all the vendors and also there is no monthly store charges. For each sale you make on Jumia, you will be charged a fee depending on the delivery method chosen and the category of your products which will either be N150 for small items or N300 for medium items.

3. Sell on Scrader

Scrader is an escrow eCommerce Marketplace in Nigeria that bridges the gap between vendors selling online to online shoppers as buyers can now pay online sellers without fear of being doped.

Scrader is just like Jumia and Konga but with more amazing built-in system that allows sellers to create multiple stores and manage all the products in one place with ease.

Scrader has created an easier way to sell your fine range of fashion and lifestyle products to online shoppers in Nigeria without leaving your house. With an amazing Scader social shopping app, anyone can now start buying products online with ease.

With Scrader, you can set up your store, connect with potential buyers, a buyer can chat with you via WhatsApp, accept payment through escrow system and deliver your products to your audience in no time with Scader express delivery service or make use of your own delivery method.

How to start selling on Scrader

  • To create a seller account on Scrader, click here to register and then create a Merchant account as a seller.
  • Go to the dashboard to create your online store by adding your store name and store ID.
  • Then upload your product images, prices, product description, and tags.
  • Visit the store to select or add your mode of delivery.
  • Shoppers can now discover your products on your personalized store feed or via Scrader powerful product search engine.

How much does it cost to sell on Scrader?

Vendor registration on Scrader is totally free. For each sale you make on Scrader you will not pay any percentage as commission as Scrader only charge an escrow fee which will be paid by the customer. The escrow fee is 1% of the transaction fee to be paid by the customer.

4. Shopify

Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that allows anyone to easily create an online store and sell online than ever before. Not only that, Shopify powers over 800,000 businesses worldwide.

Shopify allows beginners even experts to creating online stores easily and faster without coding.

With Shopify, you can sell virtually anything on Shopify including Services such as Physical products, Appointments, Memberships, Consultations, Digital products, Event support, Experiences, Digital gift cards, Classes, lessons, workshops, etc.

How to start selling on Shopify?

  • Create an account on Shopify or sign up for a free trial
  • Go to Store on your dashboard and create a store. You’re all set up!
  • Add the products you want to sell, and create key pages for your store.
  • Pick a theme and customize your online store, then customize your shipping & tax settings.
  • Set up your payment gateway and start selling your products online.
  • You can power the store with SEO, social media, or any of the social media ads or google ads.

How much does it cost to sell on Shopify?

Shopify pricing ranges from $9/month to $299/month, or more if you opt for the enterprise plan. Simply choosing your Shopify plan based on price alone isn’t a good idea.

You need to take a deeper look into each plan to see if it’s the right type of plan for your business as Shopify pricing plans seem simple at first, but once you consider all the plugins and marketing software you’ll need -you will realize how complicated it can get.

5. Sell on Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a platform owned by Amazon.com used by authors for publishing e-books. Amazon KDP is an online marketplace launched in November 2007 where you can self-publish your book and start making money.

As an author, coach, teacher, blogger, etc you can utilize Amazon KDP to sell your e-books with else.

How to start selling on Amazon Kindle

  • Create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. 
  • Set up your Author page in Amazon‘s Author Central.
  • List your book on the platform.

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon Kindle?

On Amazon KDP, you upload your e-book for free but Amazon takes 65% for books priced below $2.99 and above $9.99 and 30% for books priced between $2.99 and $9.99.

6. Sell on Blog

Blogs are written by anyone that enjoys sharing their ideas and thoughts with people online. Blogs have now been seen as a great marketing tool to attract new customers and sell products faster. 

You can set up a blog to promote your products and services with ease by offing valuable content that your potential audience will like, with the content you can easily promote your products to such audiences.

With a blog you can sell your digital products or physical products faster, you can also set up a blog to teach and gives advisee to people on how to use the products you sell.

It is a good platform to set up in order to retain your potential customers.

How to start selling on your Blog

  • Pick a blogging platform to use. eg. c, etc.
  • Purchase hosting (storage space) and domain (blog name) for the blog.
  • Then set the blog up. if you don’t know how to create a blog hire someone to do it for you.
  • Launch and start promoting your content online.

How much does it cost to sell on Blog?

You will be paying a very fair annual fee for hosting and domain. If you don’t know how to set up a blog, you can hire someone to do it for you. 

7. Sell on Online store

An online store is a website through which customers place orders online and made the payment online even without you getting involved. 

If you have products that you will love to sell online, you set up an online store to promote the products to wider audiences across the globe without leaving your house.

You can even render services to your audience. Eg if you sell kitchen utensils, you can render catering service to your audience.

An online store may represent a small local store, a major retailer, an e-commerce store, or a product landing page where you can sell your product even while sleeping.

How to start selling on Online Store

  • Choose an online store platform to set up your store such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc.
  • Buy hosting (storage space) and domain (store name) for your online store.
  • Build the store or hire someone to build the store for you.
  • Then add your products to the store and start selling online

How much does it cost to sell on Online Store?

You will be paying an annual fee for hosting and domain of your online store, you will also pay a one-time setup fee for anyone you hire to build the store for you.

See our guide on how to Create an Online Store in 2020 in 8 Steps (With Pictures)

8. Sell on Konga

Konga is an online marketplace in Nigeria founded by Sim Shagaya that allows retailers to sell their products to consumers online. Konga is just like Jumia marketplace where business owners can sell their products online.

Konga allows small businesses with varieties of products to showcase and sell their products online such as drinks, groceries, electronics, phones, computers, accessories, beauty products, household equipment, wines, etc.

How to start selling on Konga

  • Sign up for Konga seller account and register your store with a unique Store URL for your store.
  •  Create your products, set your own prices, and make them available for purchase. Fill your Konga store with your products.
  • Manage your orders from your seller dashboard, choose your own shipping method, and receive sales proceeds.

How much does it cost to sell on Konga?

To open a seller account on Konga, you will be required to pay a membership fee to sell on the platform.

A Silver plan costing N1,000 monthly which allows you to list up to 10 items each month, and a Gold plan costing N2,500 monthly which allows you to list an unlimited number of items monthly, and which costs N2,500 monthly.

In addition, Konga will charge you a commission fee ranging from 1% to 18% on each product sold. 

9. Sell on Jiji Nigeria

Jiji is the biggest classified website in Nigeria where you can post free ads and get buyers faster for. This is a platform where you can showcase and sell your products or services to a much broader audience.

Jiji enables buyers and sellers to meet and exchange items with ease. You can also offer services and seek job offers for free on Jiji. Jiji Nigeria is one of the best online platforms to sell your goods or service or get a job offer in Nigeria.

How to start selling on Jiji

  • Create a Jiji account, upload your products, and wait for Jiji officials to approve your product or service. 
  • After your product or service is approved wait for buyers to call or chat you up.

How much does it cost to sell on Jiji?

 To sell on Jiji is absolutely free of charge. You don’t pay any fee to create an account, buy or sell on Jiji.

10. Sell on Printivo store

Printivo is an online print shop in Nigeria that renders printing services such as Design and print Business Cards, flyers, mugs, and other print products online and get it deliver to customer doorstep.

Printivo owns an online marketplace that allows graphic designers and print providers to make money online by selling their graphic prints and designs to customers all across the country.

Printivo’s design market place lets you upload your design and texts to their print products and you earn 15% of the value of the product order each time a customer makes use of your designs.

How to start selling on Printivo store 

  • Visit Printivo store to create your own store. Customize your store with your banners and logos.
  • Start adding designs to your store using Printivo design tool. 
  • Start sharing your store and product links across social media platforms. Tell everyone about your store.
  • Log into your dashboard to monitor your sales and activities in your store. Easily transfer your earnings into your bank account with one click.

How much does it cost to sell on Printivo Store?

Creating or uploading your design to Printivo store is free but Printivo takes 85% of the value of each of your designs sold on their platform. 

11. Sell on Social Media

Social Media is now a great marketing tool for both any business as it offers an amazing source of acquiring new customers, increasing the number of leads, deepens relationships with customers, personalized customer experiences, and grow your business.

You as a new or existing business can utilize social media to sell your products to potential customers as social media is an active platform with millions of users every day. 

More brands are turning the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms to promote their brands, engage with customers, increase website traffic, and reach out to prospective customers.

For new business, social media can be your first starting point to generate potential buyers online.

How to start selling on Social Media

  • Create social media account on the platform you wish to use to promote your product.
  • Fill your business detail and start posting your products.
  • Share your social media business page with your friends and audiences.

How much does it cost to sell on Social Media?

Social platforms are free of charge to use by any business or individual except you wish to use a pay advertisement service to promote your products or services faster to wide audiences.

12. Sell on Car45

Car45 is Nigeria’s leading automotive trading platform where you can buy, sell, or swap your car without stress.

If you are into the car dealership business, Car45 allows sellers of new or used cars to get buyers quickly without needing to hold cars for months or years. 

Car45 is term as one of the largest car auction service provider in Nigeria with the goal of helping customers to sell their cars easily as buyers also get a verified car at an incredibly affordable price.

How to start selling on Car45

  • First of all, get an initial value of your car online by entering your car’s maker, model, year, and some more basic information.
  • Book an appointment on the website or call for a physical inspection of your car at a Car45 center near you. 
  • After inspecting your car, Car45 will give you their best offer and will sign off the car documents and initiate the payment instantly.

How much does it cost to sell on Car45?

Car45 platform is absolutely free to use buy both seller and buyer as there are no service fees.

13. Sell on Udemy

Udemy is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting millions of individuals to the skills they need to succeed.

You probably have a skill that you can put as a course for people to purchase and learn from, now it’s time to sell it on Udemy and start earning.

Udemy is an opportunity for anyone who wants to make money by creating an informational product.

Udemy is an online marketplace where people buy courses to develop or improve their skills. You can scope the content of your course to ensure that there is enough content for users to engage with and achieve their objectives.

If you want to create something really valuable and generate passive income from it in the long-term, then Udemy may help you achieve that.

How to start selling on Udemy

  • Sign up as an instructor on Udemy.
  • You need to build and start promoting your course by planning your course, recording your video, and build an active online community around your course.

How much does it cost to sell on Udemy?

No registration fee charged for selling on Udemy. Udemy only takes 50% commission when a student purchases your course. 

14. Sell on Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a digital website where professionals purchase high-quality images for commercial work.

As a photographer, when you contribute to Shutterstock by submitting pictures you took that you know someone might be interested in buying and whenever a subscriber downloads or purchase one of your photos, you earn some cash and still retain the copyright to your creations.

 Shutterstock can be quite profitable over time as you make money every time your photo is downloaded by a Shutterstock customer. There’s also an affiliate program where you can earn additional money if you refer a new photographer or customer.

How to start selling on Shutterstock

  • Sign up as a contributor on Shutterstock.
  • Snap high-quality images for our customers to download.
  • Submit your image to Shutterstock.
  • Get paid every time your image is downloaded by Shutterstock customers.

How much does it cost to sell on Shutterstock?

Uploading images on Shutterstock is absolutely free without any monthly payment plan. Shutterstock takes 60% to 75% of the value of your image each time customers download it.

15. Sell on YouTube

YouTube is an amazing online video-sharing platform that enables people to enjoy videos and music they love, and also learn and develop skills around the globe. 

YouTube offers an incredible opportunity to product sellers, content creators, and service providers as you can easily get people interested in a specific product you’re selling through your video content.

You can easily link the product description or a link to the service you render under each video uploaded to your channel. Another option is to put the product links in the comment section of each video uploaded, and as the channel owner, you have the option to pin your comment to the top. 

As the 2nd largest search engine in the world, 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched per day! YouTube is growing immensely, and anyone with a presence on YouTube stands to gain a huge return.

How to start selling on YouTube

  • Sign in to YouTube. Go to your channel list to create your channel.
  • Go to the video uploading section to upload your videos.
  • After uploading the video file, add your product description and links to the description box.
  • You can use Bitly to shorten your product link before placing it in the description box.

How much does it cost to sell on YouTube

YouTube is absolutely free to use by anyone from any country in the world. You can only pay for advertisements to promote your products or services to wide audiences.


Now, with all of the different selling websites available for you, you can make good cash selling just about anything online today, without leaving your house.

We’ve done our best to compiled the best platforms to sell online in Nigeria, but note that no matter what you’re selling, there’s a website out there that’s a perfect fit for your business.

That’s it. we hope this guide helped you learn different platforms to sell online in Nigeria, your products don’t have to take a longer time before you sell them off with the platform we mentioned above.

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