Flutterwave Store: Free eCommerce Store to sell your Products Online in Nigeria

Flutterwave Store: Free eCommerce Store to sell your Products Online in Nigeria

Do you need an online store to sell your products for free in Nigeria? Flutterwave store allows you to sell your products online without paying any selling fee.

Flutterwave Store is simply an easy way to start an e-commerce business that accepts payments from anywhere in the world without creating a website from scratch or coding.

In this article, we will show you how to easily set up an online store using Flutterwave Store.

Let’s dive right in!

What is Flutterwave Store?

How to sell products on Flutterwave store

Flutterwave, a digital payment service provider in Nigeria launch an eCommerce platform for small businesses in Africa to sell their products online.

Flutterwave Store was conceived as part of Flutterwave’s resolve to help businesses to keep business growth during the global COVID-19 pandemic since businesses were unable to operate during the quarantine and they are unable to generate an income.

Flutterwave provides the eCommerce stores to help the small business that doesn’t have an online presence to have one that they can use to sell their products online.

To ease the movement of products from a merchant to customer, Flutterwave Store was integrated with Sendbox, an existing third-party logistics provider in Nigeria to help merchants with pickup and delivery of products to customers.

Flutterwave Store has no boundaries, no borders, no limits. You can create and sell to anyone anywhere, process payments, deliver products with Flutterwave Store

Pros of using Flutterwave Store to Sell Products Online

  • The e-commerce store is free.
  • No setup cost or coding knowledge needed.
  • Logistics service was integrated into the store.
  • Anyone can now sell online with ease using the Flutterwave store.

Cons of using Flutterwave Store to Sell Products Online

  • Not sure if Flutterwave will keep the eCommerce stores for long
  • You can’t sell digital products such as ebooks, tickets, etc on the store.
  • You can’t upload more than one product image.
  • Flutterwave Store is not a suitable online store as it interface is not optimized for generating sales.
  • Flutterwave store is not well customized for marketing of products online.
  • You can’t use a customized website domain such as www.yourstorename.com.
  • Not advisable for merchants with over 20 products, as product pictures, prices, description can’t be automated.
  • Flutterwave will be making commissions on online payments. 

Step 1: Get Started With Flutterwave

First, you need a Flutterwave account to own a Flutterwave store. You can start by signing in into your Flutterwave dashboard, if you don’t have one, visit the Flutterwave website to create Flutterwave account for free.

Fill the form with your correct details, then click on the Get Started button to submit the form.

Start selling on Flutterwave store

 Confirm After signing up, a new webpage will show up asking you to confirm your Flutterwave account from your email. Open your email account, click on the new mail from Flutterwave, then click on the  Confirm email address button to confirm your email address.

Confirm Flutterwave mail

You will be redirected to your Flutterwave dashboard where you will select the type of business you run. 

Step 2: Fill Your Business Information

Select the kind of business you own and click on Continue to dashboard button below to submit your business type.

Flutterwave business type

Your account is now active but you still need to verify your account by filling your bank and merchant information. Click on Add a bank account, enter your bank account information, this is where your earnings will be deposited. 

Flutterwave Business Information 1

Note! A 6 digit password will be sent to the phone number provided by you, type it in the field under to verify the phone number, then click the submit button.

After you have successfully filled your details, your account will be tick verified.

Move to Merchant information, enter your business information and upload any mean of identification image, to also verify your account, then click on Submit Compliance Information button to submit your merchant information.

Create Flutterwave store

After your bank and merchant information has been verified, immediately an overview of your Flutterwave store will show up in your dashboard.

flutterwave dashbord

Step 3: Setup Flutterwave Store

To setup Flutterwave store, go to the menu on the left side of the dashboard, select Store from it. On the store page, click  Setup my store now button to setup your store.

Setup Flutterwave store 1

Complete the store page with the correct information. You can edit the store name to a name you want to use if the store name you want is different from your business name that was pre-filled.

Enter your store description, add store image and edit store url if you wish. Select your store category, check Take your store online to activate your store, then click the complete setup button to submit your store. 

Flutterwave store setup
Setup Flutterwave store 2

Tip! You can download a free picture from Pixabay or design one for free using Canva.

Your store link is generated and displayed on the dashboard, your Flutterwave store is now online. Click on Take my store online to activate your store.

Flutterwave store link 1

You can click your store link to view your Flutterwave Store.

Step 4: Add Products to Your Flutterwave Store

You can now fill the store with your products. Click Add product to add products to the store. Enter the product details and click the Add product button below the page to add a new product.

Upload products to Flutterwave store
Uploading product to Flutterwave store

All the products you added will be displayed on the store dashboard.

Tip! If you don’t know the product weight, you can add a reasonable weight you fill is normal for such product.

Add all your products to the store to offer your customers more products to select and buy from your store.

Click on the store link to access the store url, your store page will displays all products listed on your Flutterwave store online.  

Flutterwave store 1

Step 5: How to Add Shipping Fee to your Store

If you don’t want to use the default shipping fee by Sendbox, you can make use of your own courier agent. To make use of your own courier agent with Flutterwave store, open the Store page then click the more action button to add shipping fee to the store.

Go ahead to add your courier fee to different location your potential customers are located.

Add shipping to Flutterwave store

Feel confident about what you charge customer, you can use default rates at checkout for your store. Copy the store link and send to prospective customers. Start selling with Flutterwave Store.

Step 6: How to Edit or Delete Store Product

If you wish to edit or delete any product, go to the store page and click on the product you want to edit or delete. the product page will show up, you can now go ahead to delete or edit the product.

How to edit or delete Flutterwave store

Now that you have set up your store, you can now focus on growing your business by sharing the news with everyone on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Send your store link to customers, add it to your social media channels, and start selling immediately.


With little to no effort, remove the boundaries to scaling your business and reach more customers with just one platform. Start selling online now with Flutterwave stores.

Flutterwave provides you with simple eCommerce store to help small business selling their products online, but we recommend every business to hire an expert to build a professional online store to sell their products to with ease.

That’s it. we hope this guide helped you learn how to setup a Flutterwave store to sell your products online.

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