How To Choose A Blog Name You Won’t Regret Within 10 Minutes

How To Choose A Blog Name You Won’t Regret Within 10 Minutes

Are you struggling to choose a name for your blog? Whether it’s about fashion, food, or fitness – We’re here to help you find the perfect name for your blog.

We’ve all been there- endlessly listing blog name ideas that aren’t quite what we’re looking for. When you’re starting a blog, naming it is one of the first major steps. Unfortunately, many beginners tend to rush this step.

If you are a newbie blogger, it is important to know how to pick the perfect blog name. A lot of times people will have already taken your desired domain names so picking one that matches what you want can be tough and time-consuming.

You’re not just starting a blog, you’re creating an online identity.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to come up with the perfect blog name or domain to get started blogging!

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What is a Blog Name or Domain?

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A blog name or domain is a Website address. When you build your website for blogging, you will need an individualized URL that people can search for online to access your content.

People are drawn to blogs by their name. Part of a blog’s success depends on its’ catchy name or domain that people can remember and share with others!

Your domain may reflect who you are or what your blog is all about in the first instance. Before we get to the good stuff, there’s something you should know before picking a domain or blog name.

  1. The blog name or domain must be memorable, unique, and easily brandable.
  2. The domain must be as short as possible
  3. Take note if the domain is easy to say or spell
  4. Register a commonly use extension preferably a .com,, .io, or .ng.

The most important thing is making sure it suits YOU before buying any domain instead of chasing trends just because everyone else does too. Let the blog name be a name you like and can proudly tell people.

Let’s dive into the answers that can help you out!

Here are 10 different ways to generate a domain name or blog name that are unique, memorable, and brandable- just as you want.

Know that any of the listed guides will help you no matter which type of blog you want to start. Be it music, online money making, travel, food, lifestyle, finance, health, tech, or something else.

Note! We recommend you always check out the blog name availability to see if someone else has not purchased the domain name. Open the above link in the new tab to help you easily check to check any name.

1. Using brand based names as blog name or Domain

Brand names are often coined words that can be short and easy to spell, such as “Lulu’s” for a blog. These may not have any relevance or meaning (like the word “YOLO“). 

But a good brand name should sound nice and catchy; it has the potential to grow into an even bigger business with time!

These days, there are several branded blogs that people know. 

The names are easy to remember and they’re unique enough so you don’t have any trouble spelling them!

Some examples are:

If you’re unfamiliar with those blogs, it’s difficult to identify their niche just by reading their domain name. 

For example, just looking at “”, you can’t tell what the blog is all about until you read the blog content.

choose domain name

But over time, has made name for itself and stands out among eCommerce blogs online.

But there’s one BIG downside about using a brandable blog title for your blog name – they need constant content to build up credibility and get an audience who follows them consistently.

Without content that captures attention and communicates their visions, it’s difficult to build a recognizable blog with a unique domain.

If you want a brandable name for your blog, you can make use of Panabee and Squadhelp online generator can spin out all sorts of different names – some of which may make no sense at first glance.

Here is an example!

screenshot 55

2. Including a keyword in your blog name to form blog name

For the longest time, website owners believed that good blog names must be keyword optimized.

Fortunately, search engines are already smart enough to ignore keywords in domain names and as a result of this, it no longer has SEO benefits from including them.

But when it comes to choosing a blog name, you can still consider adding keywords to your blog name since they essentially describe your business. 

Take for example, the blog name includes the keyword “Nigeria Recipes” — a keyword their targetted audience might use while searching for Nigeria food guide online. 

From the audience’s first point of view, the blog name “Allnigerianrecipes” will give a straight answer about what the blog is all about and immediately give an audience trust to click through to see the recipes. 

Unlike using a brand name like who posts content about recipes just like 

For better understanding, here are some authoritative blogs that used a keyword-based domain name;

Also, here we are talking about domain names that exactly match the keyword they’re optimizing for, like:


To generate keyword-related domain names for your blog you can make use of Domain Wheel and LeanDomainSearch platform to generate several combinations.

You just type in a word or two, and it will automatically pull back domains that are available for registration.

image 3

Including a keyword in your blog domain can help you attract the right kind of audience as they can easily know what your blog is all about from the blog name.

3. Naming blog after your target audience

You can also consider your target audience when choosing your blog name. Take a look at some blogs that drafted their blog domain from their targetted audience:

When you know your targeted audience i.e people who want to read your content you can draft out blog names from the audiences to suit your blog.

For example:


Note! You can check the availability of whatever you draft as your blog name on here.

4. Using the tone of your content as the blog name

You can name your blog or generate your domain base on the tone of voice of your blog to give off the kind of content you are delivering, how you are going to deliver them, etc. 

Your tone/voice might feel more conversational, i.e the blog name speaks to the reader the first time they saw the name.

For example:


This can be hard to generate, but you can just sit down and think about how you want people to feel when they saw your blog or read your content.

5. Branding your blog around your name

If you also feel like using your name as your blog name, so be it. Your name can be an excellent way to build and promote your blog as it will also give people the opportunity to know you more, have your name at the back 

For example, Linda Ikeji named her blog after herself, but as we all know, the blog deals with entertainment news, lifestyles, politics, etc.

Likewise, Benjamin Dada named his tech blog after himself while the blog actually provides News, opinions, events about tech and tech companies, etc.

You need to know that naming a blog after yourself has cons as you will need to consistently publish content about what your blog is all about to make people know you and your blog.

Here are a couple of other self-named blogs:

Majorly if you render services or have a career you want to promote, is best to name your blog after you as it works well for personal branding services. 

For example, Neil Patel publishes content on marketing, business promotions, etc to promote his marketing service with his blog and Youtube channel.

image 4

6. Using Blog Naming Formulas

Using Blog Naming Formulas to help you get a blog name is also possible. 

Here are three formulas you can try to generate a domain name for your blog:

A. You can use “It’s All About ____” to help you come up with some catchy and creative names for your blogs and sites.

For example:


B. You can use: Blog name = [topic or audience group] + [end goal or transformation]

for example:

  • = [Authors ] + [results]
  • = [Crytocurrency] + [end goal]
  • = [iPhone owners] + [lessons]
  • = [Student] + [end goal]

Sometimes you can flip the formula around:

Blog name = [end goal or transformation] + [topic or audience group] 

  • = [become an expert at photography] + [Career]
  • = [Wordpress] + [who the site is for]

Have you go, you can give it a try and see what you come up with as your blog name.

C. Compare your competitions blog name 

Checking your competitors might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes it can be enough to give you a moment of inspiration.

When you see what works for other bloggers that are your competitors, you get an idea of what might work for you.

Take a look at some of the popular tech blogs:

  • TechCrunch – Startup and technology news
  • TechRadar – The source for tech buying advice
  • TechVibes – Technology news, innovation, and culture

Likewise some popular blogging blog:

  • BloggingBasics101 – About blogging
  • BloggingGuide – About blogging
  • BloggingWizard – About blogging
  • BloggingTips – About blogging
  • BloggingJoy – About blogging

They all like using the word ‘aspect they want to blog about’ plus another distinguishing word. They all cover their niche (technology and blogging), but each one has a different slant and emphasis.

7. Using Blog Name Generators

There are plenty of blog name generators available online. 

You enter a couple of words and the generator will generate lots of suggestions derived from phonemes, syllables, abbreviations, suffixes, or prefixes that you can use as your domain.

Just enter any keyword of relevance and click ‘Generate, within seconds Business Name Generator will show you dozens of potential domain names with your keyword in them!

For example, using a platform like Namelix and Novanym to generate a blog name.

image 5

8. Using abbreviation as the blog name

An abbreviation can often turn out to be better in the long run than a full-length version of a brand name. 

Take International Business Machines for example, which is quite lengthy and has high chances of being misspelled or mistyped if spelled incorrectly with so many letters. But IBM is much more snappy and memorable as an acronym instead!

Three-letter abbreviations seem to do particularly well such as;

  • BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation
  • BMW – Bayerische Motoren Werkein German, or Bavarian Motor Works in English
  • RAC – Royal Automobile Club
  • PWC – Price Waterhouse Coopers

9. Use another language as a blog name

If the name you’re looking for is just not coming to mind, try mixing words from other languages together. 

It’s a surefire way of finding something that stands out and has an interesting sound to it–whether or not its meaning actually relates in any meaningful way with your niche!

For example, the travel blog Meraviglia Paper combines the Italian word for marvel or wonder, which means “Mereviglia” in Italian with the English word “Paper”.

To generate such words, you can try using Google Translate to get some inspiration for foreign words, related or unrelated, to your blog idea.

For example:

  • – meaning Beauty in Spanish which can be used for a beauty blog.
  • – meaning kitchen in Somali which can be used for a food blog.
  • – meaning tech in Spanish which can be used for a tech blog.
  • – meaning travel in Italian that can be used for travel blog.

10. Adding Adjectives to keywords as a blog name 

Including an adjective with keywords can also be a good idea, and also make sense in some cases such as the following examples;


Above all, avoid brand or trademarked names in your domain

The best way to promote your business is through a domain that doesn’t include the brand or trademarked name. 

It’s important to avoid having any trademarks in your blog URL: don’t call it “FacebookTips” or “TwitterHacks.”

You also shouldn’t have affiliate links with product names on them- like – because this can get confusing between what belongs to who (yours vs theirs), and some companies may bring down your blog.

If you’ve been thinking about registering your domain name, make sure to avoid using trademarked names. Marcaria is a free search tool that can check whether or not a word is trademarked.

Ready to start to register your new blog name before someone else purchase it? we recommend you to use a domain registrar like Namecheap to check availability and purchase the blog name from Namecheap before someone else does. 

After that, you can follow our guide on how to create a blog from scratch using WordPress the right way. In the guide, we recommend the best themes and essential plugins you will need to install on your blog to optimize it for speed, traffic, and monetization.

If you also need help buying your domain and web hosting, we are here for you, you can hire us.


You need to know that before choosing your final blog name or domain, take time to weigh up your options now that will pay off over time.

Try a few methods and blog name tools. Play around with words and phrases. And, most importantly, get some feedback from other bloggers, friends before finally deciding on your blog name.

Once you’re ready, be sure to check out our guide on how to create a blog like professions.

That’s it. we hope this guide helped you learn how to choose and determine a name for your blog.

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Now, Over To You

What did you think of our guide on how to choose a name or domain for your new blog?

Or if you have any questions that have not been covered in this guide about choosing a blog name, ask in the comment section, we will give you an answer.

If you also know about other methods that help you to choose that amazing name for your blog, lets us know in the comment section, our readers we love to hear it.

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